Kelda Oxgutter

Female Human Barbarian


Kelda Oxgutter is the only survivor of a raiding party that came to loot Brinewall of its treasures. She remained convinced of her chances for success even after her shield-brothers died in a battle against a sea drake because she’d come across a partial and early plan for Brinewall castle that showed the location of a secret entrance. She hoped to use this entrance as a direct route to Brinewall’s treasury, but unfortunately for her, the entrance led instead to the lair of the most dangerous creature dwelling in the caverns below the castle.
She was quickly captured and turned over to Kikonu by the denizen of the caves.
Ashamed for having been captured she accepted the PCs help and teamed up with them to exact vengeance on the fiend that defeated her. She’s proud and bound by honor she proposed to accompany the group as a caravan guard in order to somehow repay her debt. Eventually, Kelda returned to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and she properly rewarded them for their service to her with a magic item. Kelda_3.jpg


Kelda Oxgutter

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